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The Nonsensemakers (糊塗戲班) is an independent professional drama company in Hong Kong for 25 years. With a view to spreading positive energy, our troupe is committed to producing innovative theatric works that vividly depict human lives and appeal to audiences of all sorts. In 2013, The Nonsensemakers set up a subsidiary troupe, Hand in Hand Capable Theatre(無障礙劇團),  which aims to foster mutual understanding among people with different disabilities (including the physically challenged, people with visual impairment, hearing difficulty and mental illness) and the ablebodied. We believe that through theatre training and performance, the disabled can better integrate into the society and show their talents through this platform, while the able-bodied can also gain inspirations from their disabled peers; with a positive and indomitable spirit.
The Nonsensemakers is inviting passionate and high caliber candidates to join our team in running the Hand in Hand Capable Theatre.

More Details: HIH Recruitment