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糊塗戲班 The Nonsensemakers | 《Emoto》
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日本團隊「國際劇場藝術中心」(CITA:International Centre for Theatre Arts)夥拍糊塗戲班共同製作劇場《Emoto》,這個創作中的劇目將透過語言、形體、木偶、舞蹈、音樂及投影等六種藝術媒介,帶領大家思考生命的無限可能。





導演: James Sutherland
助理導演: Hiroco Kariya
助理導演 (香港): Tatsuya Yasumoto
作曲: Tadashi Westwood
燈光設計 (香港): 黎子瑜
形體顧問: Tania Coke
戲偶/面具設計: King Ho Wong
表演者 (香港): Tatsuya Yasumoto, Kana Kobayashi, 陳文剛, 魏綺珊, 黃景豪

攝影: 黎子瑜, 譚阜基

Organised by the Tokyo-based International Centre for Theatre Arts (CITA) and The Nonsensemarkers, this work-in-progress uses words, physical movement, puppets, dance, music, and video projections to represent life’s endless possibilities.
Water is essential to life. Have you ever think of water has emotion and feeling like human being? Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto finds the hidden messages in water crystals. Beautiful and bright crystal hexagons are formed if water receives positive message and energy, while ugly crystals are formed when water is exposed to negative affections.

This performance Emoto is a multi-media experimental theatre, inspired by the book written by Dr Emoto. This work-in-progress piece consists of words, physical movement, puppets, dance, music and projection. Artists from Hong Kong and Japan will work together in a shallow pool to experiment different possibilities and search for the meaning of life.


Performance Detail:
Open door rehearsals:
Monday, 16 July (12.45pm)
Wednesday, 18 July (12.45pm)

Final showcases:
Friday, 20 July (12.45pm)
Friday, 20 July (6.30pm)

Venue: ArtisTree, 1/F, Cambridge House, Taikoo Place (Next to Pret A Manger)
Price: Free Admission

Director: James Sutherland
Assistant Director: Hiroco Kariya
Rehearsal Director (Hong Kong): Tatsuya Yasumoto
Sound Composition: Tadashi Westwood
Lighting Designer (Hong Kong): Lai Tze Yu
Movement Advisor: Tania Coke
Puppet/ Mask Designer: King Ho Wong
Cast (Hong Kong): Tatsuya Yasumoto, Kana Kobayashi, Rensen Chan, Jo Ngai, King Ho Wong.

Photo: Lai Tzeyu, Tam FauKei